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We know the customer journey often starts long before the first lead form is completed and we can help.

Product Led Growth
Optimizing your funnel is essential to success. You need to understand where users come from, which users are most likely to convert to paid, the features or journeys which drive activation, which users should be diverted to sales and how to maximize renewal rates.

Few tools are truly built for Product Led Growth companies - most are either designed for sales teams or B2C. Many PLG companies end up with data silos, leading to fragmented customer journeys. True optimization requires you to unify data across product, sales and marketing. To combine granular interaction data with opportunity, firmographic & demographic data.

We firmly believe that your success is what drives our success. So we actively invest in fostering ongoing opportunities for each team member to learn, sharpen and broaden their skills in a fast-paced, dynamic team environment.   We want you to be empowered to grow at a pace that is as fast as your desire for success. “Hierarchy” isn’t part of our vocabulary – and yes, we do mean that.  Here, we’re about rapid skill and career advancement; you will self-manage with a coach and mentor, and there’s time baked into every day to learn and master new skills.

Enterprise Sales & Demand Generation
Enterprise sales funnels are long and complex. To drive efficient growth you need to know which campaigns are driving the most valuable leads, which leads to pass to sales and how much of your pipeline will turn into revenue. And you need to know it all today, not in 6 months when the lead converts.

Many companies rely on patchy Salesforce data, untested lead scoring and last touch attribution. To truly succeed you need solid data foundations - that means tracking every marketing interaction, enriching those interactions with firmographic & demographic data and then accurately forecasting lead value.

And when our work is done for the day, we don’t expect you to stay glued to your desk. After hours, we're grabbing a bite at our favorite café in Rome, coaching Little League or secretly rewatching the last season of Ted Lasso or White Lotus – and we expect you to do whatever it is that fuels you as well. That’s why we work smarter, not harder: so we can get back to enjoying our personal lives… wherever that might take us.

Rudderstack Increases Demo Sign Ups Through New AB Testing Initiative

New testing methodology delivers actionable growth outcomes from every experiment.

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Calendly Project Achieves Annual Savings of $400,000

Joint Mammoth Growth and Calendly team saves over $400,000 and builds solid analytics and tooling foundations that enable Calendly to scale effectively.

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Key Behaviors Associated With 5X Higher Conversion More Likely to Convert

User Behavioral Modeling Determines Key Behaviors That Make Trial Users 5X More Likely to Become Customers

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Crunchbase's A/B Testing Outcomes Lead to Significant Growth in Paid Subscribers

Implementing a new framework for A/B testing helps team define hypotheses, size out each opportunity and prioritize.

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Calendly Measures Campaign Impact in Days Instead Of Months

Mammoth Growth’s new attribution solution integrates opportunity value for immediate campaign measurement.

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Dropbox drives 12.8% increase in conversion of dormant users to paid

Mammoth Growth’s new attribution solution integrates opportunity value for immediate campaign measurement.

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Common Customer Challenges

Difficulty understanding user funnels from initial click to converted customer. Often stuck looking at first and last touch.
Not sure how to do price elasticity testing to determine if increasing the price decreases adoption (and vice versa).
Understanding and mitigating customer churn.
How to factor upgrades and downgrades into retention and churn metrics.
Implementing and managing robust and scalable event tracking across platforms and teams (product, marketing).
How to leverage usage data to develop features based on account usage.
Leveraging account usage data for sales and customer care teams.
Understanding the value of leads as they come in (not waiting weeks or months for them to convert).
Data silos with product, sales & marketing all reporting different numbers.
Understanding the impact of marketing at the account level - you market to companies not individuals.

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