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Do you have enough bandwidth?

Most companies need help with their data (you’re not alone!). The two primary gaps tend to be either that the data team doesn’t have enough people to process all the requests that come from the org, or that the legacy data stack simply can’t handle the requests (data not there or data not reliable).
Whether it’s providing spare capacity to design and deliver on point dashboards in your visualization tool of choice, or standing up a new data warehouse reporting infrastructure we’ve done it all.
Not using dbt yet?  Let us show you how it will change your world.

“The exercises Mammoth Growth put us through before building our infrastructure has actually raised the bar across our organization around data intelligence, which has really helped to foster collaboration. Now that everyone understands and trusts the data, we have far more team members engaging to help solve our toughest business problems.”

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Rob Web

VP of Revenue & Growth, Tonal

Common issues we hear from BI Teams

I don’t have enough people on my team to make a dent in the backlog.
I could use some help with the Architecture of our data sources and systems.
My team keeps churning talent and we can’t get momentum on our data projects.
I lack institutional knowledge on complex old models and need to simplify with comprehensive documentation (e.g. the guy that knows everything left).
I’d like to implement dbt with best practices but I haven’t done it before.
I have tried to set up (snowflake, dbt) but it’s a total mess.
I’m considering updating my data lake but I don’t know which option is best.
I need to push my warehouse data into <insert SaaS tool here> and don’t know how or don’t have resources.
My marketing team keeps asking me to add marketing tags to the site and I don’t have time.
The Exec Team keeps asking me for data about things that don’t make any sense.
People keep talking about CDPs but I don’t see how it will help us.
I have to implement a CDP but I haven’t done it before.
I implemented a CDP but it’s a mess.
I keep hearing about reverse-ETL but we’re not doing it yet.
I’m consistently told the execs don’t trust our data, but no one can pinpoint what exactly they believe is incorrect.
Engineering/Marketing/Product want a data warehouse but have no idea what that is or what they want to do with it.
My data team is becoming a bottleneck in business processes and functional teams are unable to operate independently.
People are requesting worthless reports but I don’t have the power to drive strategy.

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