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Do you have the data you need to drive growth?

Most product teams are tasked with user engagement, retention and sometimes upsells - particularly at PLG SaaS companies. Great product leaders literally can’t do their jobs without the data required to support a rigorous benchmarking, testing, and optimization framework. Too often the product team is saddled with legacy ‘analytics debt’ with no data governance, inconsistent data definitions and poorly conceived event tracking plans.
We can untangle your analytics without throwing out everything you already have. We have done this hundreds of times, and understand the implications of updating events, creating clean workspaces in tools and how to take you through a process that will result in the right data to answer your pressing business questions.

“The team at Mammoth Growth helped us kick start our Product Analytics roadmap. Their work has allowed our product teams to gain a deeper understanding of each product area and started us on our journey in becoming a truly data-driven product company.”

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Bhavik Patel

Head of Product Analytics

Common issues we hear from Product Leaders

The customers the marketing team are signing up for free trials are not converting.
I don’t know if I have price elasticity by product plan.
I don’t know if my churn rate is high.
I’m having a problem lowering my churn rate.
My engineering or data team won’t prioritize getting me the data I need (event management and implementation plans).
I’m not tracking the right actions in the product to analyze activation and engagement.
I don’t know where new customers are dropping off in the activation funnel.
I don’t know how to set up A/B testing at scale to validate product decisions.
I don’t have self-serve access to data for exploratory analysis.
I know I need to be data first but don’t have buy-in from the rest of the team.

What are your most pressing growth questions?

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