Deliveroo CRM campaign improvements generate an additional 5,000 orders per month

Mammoth Growth’s new Braze canvas saves Deliveroo’s lifecycle marketing team upwards of 30 hrs/week and unlocks A/B testing functionality

Deliveroo is a leading 3-sided marketplace offering food and grocery delivery to consumers in under 30 minutes. Founded in 2013, the company today operates in 10 countries, working with over 160,000 restaurants and grocers, and 100,000 riders - and serving millions of customers.

Operating in a three-sided marketplace requires a high volume of communications across multiple audiences, and through many channels.

The company had already implemented Braze, the popular customer engagement platform, to manage its omni-channel communication strategy. However, the existing Braze setup failed to keep up with the company’s rapid growth.

Crafting a single Braze template to improve efficiency

Deliveroo had accumulated thousands of separate Braze canvases, each housing detailed messaging flows for different markets or user segments. Each of these canvases required manual updates with each global campaign update, including budget spend changes or coupon offers.

The update process had become tedious, time consuming, and highly prone to human error. A/B testing was also difficult and impractical with the existing canvas structure.

As a result, Deliveroo approached Mammoth Growth, a leader in data analytics and growth consulting for marketplaces, for help in re-imagining its Braze canvas implementation.

Deliveroo wanted to devise a single canvas template to accommodate multi-market and user segment complexities as well as centralize campaign variables for easy updating. It was vital that this new canvas template worked across every lifecycle stage. The company decided to start with its highest-value and most complex lifecycle stage, a reactivation campaign that is designed to bring back dormant or inactive customers.

Building an effective reactivation campaign

Mammoth Growth took Deliveroo through a rigorous 6 step process to identify core business requirements and project principles, diagnose the current state of the company’s existing Braze implementation, and identify any gaps - before ever drafting a single canvas wireframe.

The Mammoth team conducted in-depth testing on every aspect of the reactivation campaign, comparing against the requirements of the new master canvas template. Together they ruled out any tool or campaign component that wasn’t easily scalable across hundreds of other canvases used in other lifecycle campaigns. For example Segment Extensions were excluded for having a usage limit and Braze’s random number generator was excluded for fixed control groups because it was too tedious to hold out a group of number ranges across hundreds of different campaigns.

The team also ruled out any components likely to interfere with A/B testing. They removed any feature from the new template that would affect the capacity of statistical analysis to report on overall campaign uplift — or would prevent the team from testing results across various user cohorts. For example, Mammoth ruled out any component that allowed live updates to a variant during a test.

A key challenge was personalizing the canvas by market, user segment and language. Mammoth Growth designed a series of nested content blocks and connected content calls which allowed Deliveroo to vary everything from copy to voucher amounts based on an easy to use control sheet.

Finally, to avoid resets to the control group, and by extension, any disruptions to reporting, Mammoth designed a way for the Deliveroo team to QA changes to a live canvas, and launch without upsetting the control group.

Consolidating 100 campaign canvases into one

The outcome of this exercise was a new canvas architecture that consolidated over 100 separate reactivation campaign canvases into a single journey. With this new global canvas in place, Deliveroo was able to enable A/B testing functionality and kickoff initiatives to further optimize their reactivation campaign efforts.

The Mammoth team didn’t stop at simply providing a recommendation for their new canvas architecture. They delivered a step-by-step plan, closely customized for each separate implementation team at Deliveroo.

The Mammoth Growth team then project managed the build, working closely with Deliveroo’s marketing team to deliver the new scalable canvas. Mammoth Growth built key parts of the canvas for Deliveroo, creating sophisticated liquid logic, content blocks, connected content calls and user segments.

In addition, Mammoth trained Deliveroo staff on the new template and all of its components. They shadowed several campaign launches, providing extra coaching where necessary to ensure long-term efficiency. By the close of the project, the Deliveroo team was well positioned to redeploy this template across other lifecycle stage initiatives on their own.

Marketing team saves over 30 hours each week and drives thousands more reactivations

These improvements saved the Deliveroo marketing team over 30 hours each week, and greatly reduced human error in updating and maintaining canvases. They get more out of their BI enterprise platform, Looker, with improved campaign monitoring from a single Looker dashboard.

Deliveroo also gained granular control to monitor and tweak spend in each market – reducing discrepancies.

Beyond saving time and reducing errors, the project has allowed Deliveroo to AB test 10 different variants of the canvas. Two winning A/B test variants are now driving an extra 5,000 orders per month!

Ollie Miles, CRM Director, has praised Mammoth Growth for their assistance with the upgrade: “Mammoth Growth’s rigorous process, project management, and deep technical expertise have helped us develop more efficient and scalable lifecycle campaigns, solving a major headache for the team. We continue to trust Mammoth Growth to support some of our most technically challenging Braze projects”

“Mammoth Growth’s rigorous process, project management, and deep technical expertise have helped us develop more efficient and scalable lifecycle campaigns, solving a major headache for the team. We continue to trust Mammoth Growth to support some of our most technically challenging Braze projects”

Ollie Miles

CRM Director

Lifecycle Marketing
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