Real Estate

Running a Real Estate technology company can be akin to fighting a war on multiple fronts; besides managing your own operations you’re also managing a multi-sided marketplace. You need to acquire supply and demand in a geographically constrained area and execute a complex and high value financial transaction - certainly not for the faint of heart.  

We’ve worked with a number of PropTech and FinTech companies to design and scale flexible marketing and reporting solutions that readily deal with the real world challenge - like a buyer can be a seller at the same time or tracking the risks associated with the assets (the real estate) - to accurately and reliably drive growth.

Reali Reduces Untracked Users by 25%

A restructured tech stack geared to better ingest and organize multiple data sources helps identify more users.

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Common Customer Challenges

Extended conversion funnels can pose challenges in leveraging behavioral analytics tools (e.g. Amplitude maximum conversion length is 90 days without paying for the Accounts add-on).
May have many individuals and digital touchpoints contributing towards a conversion; without a solid analytical base it can be hard to identify the expected performance of open opportunities or how the business is growing.
Tracking households, different email could submit lead form than converts, different from individual consumers and B2B.

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