2+ Sided Marketplaces

Two-Sided (or more) marketplaces are one of the most challenging environments to collect the right data and segment in ways that tell accurate stories about user behavior.  There are multiple complexities including identity resolution, account based tracking and acquisition of different “customer” types (for example drivers and merchants and consumers).  We have deep experience in all areas of reporting for two-sided marketplaces across all teams including B2C, B2B and Operations.

Enabling CarGurus’ Strategic Shift with Rebuild of Revenue & Retention Reporting

Our Data-Team-as-a-Service delivered a complete rebuild of core revenue & retention reporting using dbt

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Deliveroo CRM campaign improvements generate an additional 5,000 orders per month

Mammoth Growth’s new Braze canvas saves Deliveroo’s lifecycle marketing team upwards of 30 hrs/week and unlocks A/B testing functionality

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Generating new leads at a fraction of the cost

Mammoth Growth helped us craft an affiliate marketing program that now generates leads at a fraction of the cost of our other channels.

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Common Customer Challenges

Tracking and reporting supplier data differently from consumer data.
Sharing of best practices across the different sides of the marketplace (often different teams with different reporting silos).
Identifying users who are members of both sides of the marketplace and being able to build a unified profile (e.g. suppliers who also use an app to make a purchase).
Understanding the return on advertising spend for each side of the marketplace.
Improving supplier and customer conversion rates.
Understanding and optimizing customer engagement/winback campaign performance.
Handling customer and location specific pricing, availability etc. in communications and analysis.
Given recurring use is key to success, building models of daily engagement factoring in recent behavior.
Optimizing the quality of listings by marketplace demand and consumer preferences.
Design of and reporting on KPIs for ‘optimal’ supply side availability.

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