Building an education business is an exercise in patience.  Helping prospects navigate a market with many competing products and convincing them to choose yours is hard.  You have to deal with fickle customers and sometimes hugely long sales cycles.  Tracking your prospects and staying in communication with them is key, but it’s not easy.

We’ve helped education companies like yours navigate through the data minefield, optimize their stack and find wins though our rigorous optimization and testing process.

Course Hero Empowers Teams With Accurate, Self-Serve Reporting

Mammoth Growth improves Amplitude implementation and frees up BI team for more complex analytics.

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Common Customer Challenges

Separating student data from parent data in customer journeys and reporting.
Shared devices/logins in educational settings makes accurate identity resolution and user trait assignment more challenging.
Purchasers (parents) may not be the ultimate product users (students).
Understanding of return on ad spend, particularity because the sales cycles are long.
Predicting if a prospective student will become a customer which provides better resource allocation.

What are your most pressing growth questions?

Insights and Updates

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