Calendly Measures Campaign Impact in Days Instead Of Months

Mammoth Growth’s new attribution solution integrates opportunity value for immediate campaign measurement.

Calendly, a leading scheduling automation platform with over 10 million users across 155 countries, needed a comprehensive attribution strategy to accurately measure the ROI of its marketing efforts across its unique pipeline combining product and sales led motions. 

Without a solution for quickly determining marketing’s impact on the sales pipeline, Calendly could only wait for conversions—data that could take months to come in. 

But Mammoth Growth had a solution: We would help them report on opportunity creation and measure pipeline value instead. In turn, Calendly would receive a holistic view of their campaigns’ impacts within days. 

Needing a holistic view of a multi-touch journey to conversion

Calendly monetises its marketing efforts using two methods: self-serve signups and sales pipeline, with campaigns crafted to drive both. However, before partnering with Mammoth Growth, Calendly could only measure the impact on self-serve signups. They had no visibility into which campaigns were generating sales pipeline. 

Therefore, it couldn’t properly measure the value of its campaigns, nor could it achieve its business goal of driving more sales pipeline., an advanced multi-touch attribution tool, helped Calendly collect and attribute value to a prospect's digital marketing touchpoints in its Attribution Dashboard. 

Still, the crux of the issue was the long sales cycle that is typical with these opportunities. Because Calendly’s previous reporting in focused on revenue, the time lag was far too long to be able to make quick, informed decisions.  

In addition, campaign touchpoints such as webinar attendance, live event attendance, ebook downloads, off-site form fills, and other demand gen activities were tracked separately in Salesforce, with no effective way of measuring their impact. These data silos made it challenging to accurately credit each touchpoint in a prospect's journey, leading to missing key insights and an over-allocation of credit to campaigns which drove self-service signups.

Combining data sources to accurately distribute attribution credit

Calendly knew it needed to combine these data sources and ensure its attribution model accurately distributed credit across its campaign touchpoints.  To do this, Calendly partnered with Mammoth Growth, a leader in data analytics and growth marketing.

Although AttributionApp offered a direct integration to Salesforce, it offered less control over what data was sent to AttributionApp.  Instead, Mammoth recommended leveraging HighTouch, a Reverse ETL Tool already used by Calendly to unify the data between and Salesforce. 

This solution gave Calendly flexibility to decide what data to send and where to send it, leveraged HighTouch's existing pipeline, and didn't require the purchase of a new tool. What’s more, this solution not only allowed Calendly to send all opportunity creation and demand gen activity-related data going forward but also allowed Calendly to backfill a year's worth of historical sales data, uncovering insights from past data. 

As a result, Calendly was immediately able to make instant, actionable decisions, since it no longer had to wait for data to accumulate over time.

The bottom line?

Our approach gave Calendly all the data required to quickly and accurately balance credit between its campaign touches.

Architecting a new data flow

Mammoth Growth used Salesforce data stored in Redshift to build data models for opportunity creation and demand gen activity, combining details about users, conversions, and pipeline value. We then built the pipeline to in HighTouch and activated it, backfilling a year's worth of sales data. 

Once the data was in AttributionApp, we organized the touches into new and existing filters, assigned the new conversion event, and created a separate revenue group solely dedicated to the pipeline value of the conversion.

The following diagram illustrates their data flow:

A clearer view of all sales and marketing efforts

Mammoth Growth built a custom pipeline in HighTouch that bridged the gap between Calendly’s custom Salesforce instance and We imported millions of rows of data (touches, conversions, pipeline, and users) with a validated < 1% error margin. 

Today, Calendly has a clearer view of where its best prospects are coming from and which touchpoints carry the most value. This has allowed the company to make more informed decisions on where to allocate its marketing resources, resulting in increased efficiency and better ROI. 

Mammoth Growth's expertise in complex attribution strategies and practical knowledge of popular technology tools in the Martech and data analytics space, combined with Calendly's existing tool stack, helped to successfully solve this challenge and provide valuable insights for the company's growth.


Overall, Mammoth Growth's implementation of a custom pipeline in HighTouch enabled Calendly to combine its offline prospect touches with online touches, creating a comprehensive attribution strategy that accurately measures the ROI of each marketing effort across its unique pipeline. 

With the ability to accurately credit each touchpoint in a prospect's journey, Calendly now has the data required to make informed decisions and drive business growth forward.  This has enabled them to demonstrate the value of new campaigns aimed at pipeline generation, which wouldn’t have been measurable without this work.

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