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As an entertainment company, you probably have a myriad of assets, content, customer databases, platforms and communication channels. Especially if you’ve been through a merger or two. Having an experienced team like ours in your corner will help you untangle the mess, while providing you with a clear roadmap for success, as well as the resources to execute the vision and help you exceed your goals.

TED's centralized data warehouse offers global view of multiple data sources

New tracking schema and modern infrastructure centralize video consumption data from multiple platforms and align against core database tables and social performance metrics.

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Common Customer Challenges

Unifying consumption data across a myriad of platforms, e.g. web, mobile apps, Apple TV/Roku, Youtube, social, etc. to understand audience size.
Joining the massive amounts of metadata ‘source of truth’ with content data across platforms; e.g. having a proper join key between the same video posted on youtube as on an owned property on the web.
Identifying customer personas that can be leveraged to drive engagement. 
Measuring content (video) performance.
Engagement attribution - modeling what touch points or activities result in higher activation, engagement, and retention.
Building a clean, robust data infrastructure to power your content recommendation engine.

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