Unlocking Data Power: Segment's New Warehouse-Centric Features

Activate your Data Warehouse through the Power of Data Graph and Linked Events


Navigating the evolving landscape of data management means not just having the latest tools but fully understanding how to make them work effectively for your business. With the recent updates to Segment, the introduction of Data Graph and Profile Sync represents a pivotal shift towards a more warehouse-driven approach in their traditional Customer Data Platform (CDP) system.

These updates are not merely about enhancing data organization; they're engineered to make your data interact more intelligently and efficiently within your systems. By fostering deeper integration with data warehouses, Segment’s new features are designed to supercharge your analytics, streamline operations, and elevate your customer engagement strategies.

In this blog post, we’ll unpack these exciting features in an accessible way. We'll explore how they can transform your business operations and discuss why navigating this new territory might require some expert insight, like the kind Mammoth Growth provides, to fully leverage their capabilities. Dive into how Segment's warehouse-centric enhancements can make your data a powerhouse asset.

Overview of New Features

  • Data Graph: At its core, the Data Graph functionality allows for the creation of linked entities and relationships directly from the data stored in the data warehouse, without ever storing this data within Segment itself. This setup not only facilitates a more dynamic data environment but also ensures that insights derived are as detailed and actionable as possible. Maintaining and updating entity tables is crucial, as any lag can cause errors during data enrichment, emphasizing the need for precise data management. Incorporating new features like Linked Events and Linked Audiences, the Data Graph takes data interaction to a new level.
    • Linked Events enrich event data with detailed product or account information from your data warehouse, simplifying the implementation of precise targeting. This allows for more effective and relevant marketing campaigns by leveraging detailed, context-rich insights into customer behaviors and preferences.
    • Meanwhile, Linked Audiences leverages these enriched data relationships to generate and deploy highly targeted audience segments for marketing and advertising.
  • Profile Sync: This feature enhances Segment's capabilities by syncing profiles and computed traits back to Snowflake, enabling more extensive data operations to be conducted directly within the warehouse. It boosts data governance and security, as sensitive data remains within the warehouse environment. This synchronization allows businesses to utilize SQL traits and computed traits for audience building directly from Snowflake, significantly improving efficiency and security.

These features mark a shift from Segment's traditional CDP solutions to a more integrated, warehouse-driven approach. By leveraging the power of modern data warehouses like Snowflake, Segment is helping businesses to manage and activate their customer data more effectively and securely.

Implications and Excitement for Potential Clients

The introduction of Data Graph and Profile Sync by Segment is not just a technical update—it's a transformational shift for businesses focused on maximizing their data utility. Here’s how these features can make a significant impact:

  • Practical Use Cases:
    • With Linked Events, powered by the Data Graph, companies can add details to events for precise targeting. For ecommerce companies, this means appending product events that only have product_id with full product SKU details from your warehouse, reducing the LoE required when implementing events and supercharging your behavioral analytics tools and LCM platforms.
    • For B2B companies, this means referencing Account tables in your data warehouse and enriching events with that data to send to your LCM platform, unlocking ABM strategies.
    • With Linked Audiences, powered by the Data Graph, companies can leverage Profile Sync data alongside entity relationships to generate audiences directly from the data warehouse and send to LCM or ad destinations.
    • For ecommerce companies, this unlocks use cases such as notifying a customer when a product associated with their profile’s wishlist is back in stock. For Financial Services, Healthcare, or other companies dealing with sensitive information, this provides the ability to generate targeted audiences without copying the data into the CDP.
  • Operational Efficiencies: These features unlock operational efficiencies by providing access to a more comprehensive and streamlined data flow. Companies can manage their data more effectively, reducing delays and errors in data processing. This streamlined access to data facilitates quicker responses to market changes and customer needs, driving better business outcomes.
  • Navigating Complexities: While the potential benefits are immense, the sophistication of these tools means that correctly integrating and optimizing them requires specific expertise. Navigating potential pitfalls such as data mismanagement, integration complexities, and the cost and performance implications on the warehouse are critical. Inefficient use can lead to increased operational costs and underutilized data capabilities. Expert guidance is essential to optimize warehouse performance and cost-efficiency, ensuring that the data architecture supports these advanced features effectively.
  • Tailored Lifecycle Marketing and Data Integration: By harnessing the power of integrated CDPs, Mammoth Growth enables sophisticated lifecycle marketing strategies and deeper customer insights, directly impacting customer engagement and business growth.

Why Mammoth Growth

As businesses explore the depths of advanced data management tools like Segment's Data Graph and Profile Sync, the value of an experienced partner becomes evident. Mammoth Growth, with its focused expertise in Customer Data Platform (CDP) architecture and comprehensive Data Team services, is uniquely qualified to guide companies through these complex integrations. Here’s why Mammoth Growth is indispensable:

  • Expertise in CDP Architecture: Mammoth Growth specializes in designing and implementing CDP solutions that integrate seamlessly with data warehouses like Snowflake, which is crucial for leveraging Segment’s new Profile Sync and Data Graph features. Their approach ensures that data integrity and accessibility are maintained, enhancing the overall utility of customer data across business operations.
  • Data Operations as a Service (DOPS): Mammoth Growth offers a flexible, comprehensive suite of operational services, from system architecture to ongoing data management. Our flexible workstream approach allows us to bring in the right resources 'just in time' to augment your existing CDP team. This capability is crucial for businesses looking to scale their data operations without the overhead of permanent hires or long-term commitments. By acting as an extension of your operations team, Mammoth Growth provides not only the strategic insight needed for long-term data strategy but also the tactical support necessary for immediate, effective data interactions and insights.

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