Sales Teams

Where do your best deals come from?

Your job is literally to keep the company growing, turning leads into customers and making sure that your team is empowered to tell the right story. 

Sometimes you feel like your marketing team is not delivering the right leads or providing you with the information you need to get your prospects across the finish line. 

You have Salesforce or Hubspot, and are doing your best with reporting, but it’s not really giving you the full picture of what you need to make better sales decisions or truly understand how your team is performing.

Common issues we hear from Sales Leaders

My marketing team is sending garbage leads/customers/opportunities.
I can’t track opportunity/deal stage over time - when was it in Stage X and how long was it there?
I don’t trust the product usage / non-sales data that is in Salesforce.
My execs aren’t asking the right business questions.
I don’t understand revenue per customer.
I don’t understand the lifetime value of a customer.
Revenue comes from many places (closed/won, Stripe, Paypal etc.) and my reporting doesn’t reflect all the sources.
I don’t know how a lead was originally acquired and the context of their visits.
My count of sales qualified leads that marketing says they are generating doesn’t match the new leads worked by my sales team.

What are your most pressing growth questions?

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