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Whether you’re on Shopify, BigCommerce or you’ve built something from scratch, we know how to help you key in on the metrics that will make a difference to your business and leverage them into opportunities for growth.

We’re not just talking about how to re-engage someone that bounced from your shopping cart. We’re talking about everything from understanding your first purchase cost of acquisition, finding holes in your media spend, holding your agency accountable, and driving retention and repeat purchases across the customer journey.

Rocksbox Mitigates Churn With Data Science Outcomes

Identifying key user onboarding actions improves customer retention.

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How Tonal, a home fitness company, raised the bar on organization-wide data intelligence

Building data infrastructure and calibrating analytics to focus on key business problems was bigger than any single employee hire they could make.

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Barre3’s Successful Centralization Of Event Data For A 360 Degree Customer View

New Segment tracking plan plus reconfigured behavioral analytics, marketing automation and ad network tools establishes a single source of truth.

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Just Food for Dogs: From Data Blind to Data Saavy

Mammoth Growth helps Just Food For Dogs unlock key insights and analyze data across all of their supply channels.

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Nutrafol's Strong Data Trust Enables 60% Jump in Revenue and a Successful Exit

Mammoth Growth helped Nutrafol define consistent personas across all their tools, greatly simplifying data governance.

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Common Customer Challenges

Understanding the true value of converting one-time customers to subscribers.
Creating a single view of multi-channel sales (DTC, Amazon, B2B, Wholesale, Brick & Morter).
Unifying inventory reporting to power supply chain forecasts.
Being able to see the customer lifecycle / customer segmentation over time in order to drive marketing automation.
Identifying subscribers at-risk for churn due to ‘pausing’ or failed payment to power CX & outreach.
Identifying value over the full life of customers accounting for cost of acquisition, factoring in payback time and full costs of fulfillment.
Tracking LTV and accounting for returned purchases.
Being able to send personalized emails (or multi-channel) at the right time with accurate data.
Demonstrating and measuring the value of ongoing engagement efforts.

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