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Do you have the data you need and believe the data you have?

If you can say ‘yes’ to either of those questions, you are either in a rarified group - or grossly uninformed.
93% of Surveyed CEOs said their teams did not have the data required to make data-informed decisions.
Having an executive dashboard that provides you critical business information in real-time isn’t a fantasy - its table stakes. Businesses today cannot afford to have data silos.  It’s no longer marketing data or product data or sales data.  Its customer and company data.  That data needs to be unified and available - normalized and democratized.  And accessible to you.
Our experienced business consultants will work with you to identify and prioritize the business questions that need to be answered, and develop a comprehensive strategy to put that data in your hands - quickly and cost-effectively.

Mammoth Growth has done more with less, faster than any provider I have worked with!”

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Larry Hern

Vice President Information Technology

Common issues we hear from CEOs

My VP's don't have data to back up their plans.
Pulling monthly numbers for my board & investors is painful.
Requests to my data team take too long.
My execs aren’t asking the right business questions.
We have conflicting numbers for a single metric.
Our past numbers keep changing and I cannot trust that anything is accurate.
Without solid data to work with I’m unable to project future performance accurately.

What are your most pressing growth questions?

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