Just Food for Dogs: From Data Blind to Data Saavy

Mammoth Growth helps Just Food For Dogs unlock key insights and analyze data across all of their supply channels.

The Client

Just Food for Dogs offers dog food made from real ingredients, as well as expert nutrition guidance through their retail kitchen locations and online. Just Food for Dogs was founded around a simple mission: to improve the length and quality of life for as many pets as possible.

The Challenge

When Just Food for Dogs first contacted Mammoth Group, they were totally data blind; they were working to scale and grow quickly, but their team was stuck living in spreadsheets and attempting to manually compile data in order to identify sales opportunities.

JFFD needed solutions that would enable them to gain quick insights into their e-commerce customer behaviors, as well as a full data warehouse that could be implemented quickly to unlock insights for their fast-moving, fast-growing team.

The Solution

To attack their e-commerce needs, Mammoth built a new behavioral event tracking schema to replace the systems their team had low overall trust in. By providing support and auditing through their Heap implementation, the Mammoth team ensured the new tool would have much higher data accuracy and be structured in a way that made it more accessible to the JFFD team.

On the data side, Mammoth worked with JFFD to quickly set up a full warehouse and BI infrastructure including Snowflake, DBT, Stitch, and Looker. The team also built out a series of dashboards and reports with organization-wide visibility, including an executive sales and customer summary, retention dashboard, and product categorization reporting. 

The Results

Through partnering on training and enablement in Heap and Looker, Mammoth Growth has helped the adaptable JFFD team to quickly embrace self-service analytics. By concentrating more time on requirements scoping, ingestion, modeling and auditing for new reporting objectives, the JFFD team was able to unlock insights that enabled them to analyze results across a range of metrics.

The feature development process Mammoth championed for JFFD has become the de facto working process, and has become a highly-repeatable structure that enables teams to approach the deep backlog of requests coming in cross-functionally.

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