Nutrafol's Strong Data Trust Enables 60% Jump in Revenue and a Successful Exit

Nutrafol is the #1 dermatologist-recommended hair growth supplement brand. Now part of the Unilever Group, Nutrafol offers personalized, natural solutions for healthy hair growth via ecommerce subscriptions on their website, through popular retail sites like Amazon and Sephora, as well as directly from their partnered medical doctors and salons. Nutrafol has been adopted by more than 4,500 healthcare professionals and hair professionals across the U.S. 

But getting to that point meant Nutrafol needed to focus on increasing discipline within their data.

Blocked by a Lack of Good Data

Nutrafol had already acquired more than 25,000 clients and the efficacy of their patented product had been proven in multiple clinical studies when they first approached Mammoth Growth in 2019. At this point, Nutrafol realized their business reporting processes needed to be updated. Their team faced time-consuming challenges on a regular basis:

  • Key reports were kept in Excel spreadsheets. Any updates required manual work.
  • Nutrafol had multiple, siloed data sources (including Magento for ecommerce, Friendbuy for referrals, Unbounce landing pages, and Zendesk for customer support), yet they hadn’t done very much to centralize all this information.
  • Nutrafol’s marketing team had to pull manual reports from Google Analytics to determine CAC and ROAS, and even then, these numbers only gave part of the big picture.

Data was siloed across many different systems, was inconsistently structured, and inaccuracies eroded their team’s data trust even further. All of these obstacles made it extremely challenging and time-consuming to answer even simple questions about their customers. While Nutrafol had an incredible product and a passionate audience, they couldn’t plan for future growth without the right approach to their data.

While Nutrafol had an incredible product offering and a passionate audience, they couldn’t plan for future growth without the right approach to their data.

Nutrafol needed to focus on their data trust, simplify their reporting, and align all their data sources in one central location. Only then could they get the customer insights they needed to advance to their next phase of growth. 

Consistent Data Leads to Synchronized Marketing, Detailed Analytics, and Unmatched Growth

Mammoth Growth worked with Nutrafol to develop a deep understanding of their business. Based on their specific use cases, Mammoth Growth and Nutrafol decided to implement a new data stack including Mixpanel for product analytics, Segment as their customer data platform (CDP), Iterable for lifecycle marketing, Snowflake and dbt for data warehousing and transformation, and Tableau for more complex BI reporting.

The Key To Better Data Governance

One of the primary reasons Nutrafol engaged Mammoth Growth was to fix their data governance issues. Everything else - from more accurate customer insights to simplified reporting - would stem from that, but improved data governance had to be the foundation. Without a CDP, addressing data governance piecemeal across more than a dozen different platform integrations would have been doomed to fail. 

This is why Mammoth Growth’s full implementation of Nutrafol’s Segment instance had such a profound effect. Once they set up the correct Segment Personas (now Segment Unify & Twilio Engage), Nutrafol was able to create a single source of truth for their user profiles and audiences.

  • With the implementation of Segment, Nutrafol was able to build up rich user profiles for all their customers, including details like the last product recommended and the number of times they’d contacted customer support. Segment Personas ensured all these real-time data were accurate across Mixpanel, Iterable, Snowflake, and beyond.
  • Nutrafol then turned to these new Segment Personas to target specific audiences, such as users with high churn risk or those who had recently canceled their subscriptions. This allowed Nutrafol to synchronize messaging across email and all their paid digital channels.

While many companies struggle with realizing the full potential of their CDP, Nutrafol’s path from Segment implementation to insights was made much easier through their work with Mammoth Growth. Once they synchronized their marketing based on rich user profiles, Nutrafol’s teams could access consistent data across their full tech stack with confidence.

Improve Conversions at Every Customer Touchpoint

Once they had consistent customer profiles across every tool in their tech stack, Nutrafol’s teams could take a closer look at customers actions on their site. And one of their first steps was creating funnels in Mixpanel. 

Nutrafol had already created a quiz on their main site to help customers determine which products were right for them. Mammoth Growth helped Nutrafol create funnels in Mixpanel, so they could visualize their customers’ journey from quiz to purchase and everything in between.

With these new funnels, Nutrafol’s teams could see:

  • What percentage of each Segment Persona converted to purchase after taking the quiz
  • How many people dropped off at each step in the funnel between those two steps
  • How these numbers varied by UTM/campaign
  • Conversion numbers per item
  • The impact of changes to particular pages on conversions 

Consistent data and detailed analytics meant Nutrafol could predictably optimize conversions across the full funnel for all their audiences. And, they could see which types of traffic were driving the most purchases and the most revenue. With these insights, they could accurately measure the performance and cost of all their digital marketing campaigns. 

Mammoth Growth helped Nutrafol define consistent personas across all their tools, greatly simplifying data governance. Nutrafol used Mixpanel funnels to gain a clear understanding of their customers’ paths to purchase. With the help of these changes, Nutrafol was able to grow revenue by 60% in 2020. Nutrafol’s rapid growth and data-driven approach ultimately led to their acquisition by Unilever in 2022.

“When it comes to data infrastructure, clarity is everything. Nutrafol was collecting all kinds of customer data from our website and different ad campaigns, but it was difficult to use. Mammoth Growth helped us through a data infrastructure reset, setting up Segment as our CDP and pushing those personas to Mixpanel for detailed insights."

Callie Baker

VP of Data & Insights at Nutrafol

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