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Most companies only focus on the potential upside of AI, that it will accelerate productivity with the flick of a switch. 

In reality, adding AI to your tech stack will amplify problems caused by inconsistent data. And since only 3% of companies meet basic quality standards for data governance (Harvard Business Review), any discussion of AI should focus on process before tools and technology. 

Most AI-based models are opaque boxes.  You won’t know what output to trust. The only solution is to trust the input data, and measure the accuracy of the output.

We’ve successfully built new data governance structures for hundreds of companies, resulting in accurate input data that can fuel growth in these areas:

  • Customer Data Platform (CDP)
  • Lifecycle Marketing
  • Data Infrastructure
  • Product Analytics
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Why Should You Prioritize Data Governance Before Investing In AI?

The core workflow of any AI solution: benchmark, test, optimize. In order to test and optimize, you must first set accurate benchmarks across your data infrastructure. And that means it’s crucial to clarify your data governance.

According to Gartner, poor data quality costs organizations an average of $15 million USD every year. If you aren’t managing and protecting your data with a strong data governance plan, then your team is more likely to waste time and effort, make poor decisions at a higher rate, and drive up expenses due to operational inefficiencies. And all of these errors are compounded if AI is added to the mix prematurely.

AI tools are becoming commodities, and anyone can deploy an AI-powered feature in weeks. It’s a race to the bottom, unless you layer it on top of a solid foundation of data governance. When you make strategic decisions on where to invest in AI within your product, accurate and timely data can be your competitive advantage.

How Do You Build A Strong Data Governance Foundation For AI?

In order to address companies’ ultimate goals for AI, Mammoth Growth developed our Analytics Roadmap program. The objectives of this 8 week project are a complete audit of a company’s tech stack & data infrastructure, and a roadmap for improvements to their data governance strategy plus related AI initiatives. The Analytics Roadmap program allows Mammoth Growth to develop a deeper understanding of a company’s existing data governance methods and pain points:

  • Explore how a company’s data flows through all the tools in their tech stack.
  • Clarify how teams currently manage different tools used for product analytics, lifecycle marketing, CDP, and beyond. We take special note of data taxonomy and employee access in addition to overall data governance.
  • Combine these findings with insights into how the organization uses all the other tools in their tech stack to find more accurate insights faster.
  • Prioritize data governance gaps that could deliver major results with improvements.

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