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How do you get the most value out of your product analytics program? Turn to Mammoth Growth.

Our step-by-step method will give you a clear view of your customer journey across every touchpoint. Find your power users and see where others drop off so you can acquire, convert, and retain more customers.

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We’ve proven our process works based on successful engagements with hundreds of other companies, and we can deliver results for your team in the following areas:


Conversion Analysis


User Lifecycle & Retention


Power User Analysis 


Product Performance & Feature Engagement

“Working with Mammoth Growth has provided us with access to reports that weren’t previously available. Analysis and engineering support that used to take days to generate now takes a few minutes.”

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Geoff Cramer

VP Product, Alignable

Why Should You Focus On Product Analytics?

The goal of product analytics is to understand how users engage with your website or app, so you can improve customer acquisition, conversion, and retention. With the right product analytics setup, companies can understand which top of funnel behaviors lead to more product engagement and higher revenue. When team members can self-serve valuable insights from your product analytics tool, everyone can make better data-driven choices more often, and more quickly. 

Your product analytics strategy has to find a balance between centralized data, and democratized tools & processes. On the one hand, everyone throughout the company must abide by proper data governance standards. And in the same breath, product analytics tools offer every company an incredible opportunity to nurture a culture of curiosity.

What Many Companies Get Wrong About Product Analytics

A word of caution before you explore your product data for valuable insights.
Often, companies slip up even before they implement a product analytics solution.

Misunderstanding Autocapture

Product analytics tools diverge in how they track user actions. While some tools collect all data from every user interaction with your product (autocapture), other tools require you to be more selective about which data you want to collect before implementation. Autocapture solutions usually work best for small teams with limited resources, where only a handful of people will use the tool. Where companies get into trouble, is testing an autocapture tool outside those boundaries.
Mishandling Your Data

In about 80-85% of the product analytics projects we work on, we’ve seen clients cling to event naming schemas that are far too granular, independent of autocapture. This can waste time and create confusion. In the same way, failing to address data formatting or identity resolution can lead many companies astray.
Lack of Organizational Alignment

Ideally, every product analytics discussion should focus on the needs of your customers. And since every team in your company serves your customers, any time you talk about your product analytics strategy, you should include members from every team. Bottom line: your product analytics strategy cannot be effective unless it has buy-in from senior stakeholders. 
Approaching a New Paradigm With an Outdated Mindset

Many companies see product analytics as an efficient way to collect user actions. But really, product analytics is a method for analyzing users’ behavior. Since the input for your product analytics tool is data created by users as they get value from your product, the output is context. And you can use that context as the foundation for better, data-driven decisions. 

How To Get The Best Results From Your Product Analytics Program?

In order to address companies’ goals for product analytics, Mammoth Growth developed our Analytics Roadmap program.

The objectives of this 8-10 week project are a complete audit of a company’s tech stack & data infrastructure, and a roadmap for improvements to their product analytics strategy. The Analytics Roadmap program allows Mammoth Growth to develop a deeper understanding of a company’s existing product analytics methods and pain points: 

  • Investigate how a company’s user data flows through all the tools in their tech stack for use in their product analytics platform
  • Clarify how they currently manage their product analytics system, including event taxonomy, employee access, and overall data governance
  • Combine these findings with insights into how they use all the other tools in their tech stack
  • Prioritize product analytics gaps that could deliver major results with improvements

“Mammoth Growth helped us kick start our Product Analytics roadmap by defining a strategy that fit the needs of our company. Their work has allowed our product teams to gain a deeper understanding of each of the different product areas and started us on our journey in becoming a truly data-driven product company.”

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Bhavik Patel

Head of Product Analytics

Let us help you get the most value out of your Product Analytics Program

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