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How do you get the most value out of your growth marketing plans? Turn to Mammoth Growth.

Far too often, companies’ growth plans stall because of poor data governance. Our step-by-step method will show you how to streamline this fundamental aspect of your business.

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We’ve proven our process works based on successful engagements with hundreds of other companies, and we can deliver results for your team in the following areas:


Customer Data Platform (CDP)


Data Infrastructure


Data Security


Product Analysis

“When it comes to data infrastructure, clarity is everything. Nutrafol was collecting all kinds of customer data from our website and different ad campaigns, but it was difficult to use. Mammoth Growth helped us through a data infrastructure reset, setting up Segment as our CDP and pushing those personas to Mixpanel for detailed insights."

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Callie Baker

VP of Data & Insights

Why Should You Focus On Data Governance?

Data that’s not managed, is mismanaged. And according to Gartner, poor data quality costs organizations an average of $15 million USD every year. If you aren’t managing and protecting your data with a strong data governance plan, then your team is more likely to waste time and effort, make poor decisions at a higher rate, and drive up expenses due to operational inefficiencies.

Data governance is the foundation of a company’s success, because without accurate data, none of your tools can deliver trustworthy results. The irony? There is no such thing as a data governance technology solution for all the data your team deals with every day. That’s why it’s important to have high standards in place so your team can navigate any data challenges quickly and efficiently.

How To Set Up Your Data Governance Plan Correctly The First Time?

In order to address companies’ ultimate goals for data governance, Mammoth Growth developed our Analytics Roadmap program. The objectives of this 8-10 week project are a complete audit of a company’s tech stack & data infrastructure, and a roadmap for improvements to their data governance strategy and any corresponding initiatives. The Analytics Roadmap program allows Mammoth Growth to develop a deeper understanding of a company’s existing data governance methods and pain points through these steps:

  • Explore how a company’s data flows through all the tools in their tech stack.
  • Clarify how teams currently manage different tools used for product analytics, lifecycle marketing, CDP, and beyond. We take special note of data taxonomy and employee access in addition to overall data governance.
  • Combine these findings with insights into how the organization uses all the other tools in their tech stack to find more accurate insights faster.
  • Prioritize data governance gaps that could deliver major results with improvements.

“The exercises Mammoth Growth put us through before building our infrastructure has actually raised the bar across our organization around data intelligence, which has really helped to foster collaboration. Now that everyone understands and trusts the data, we have far more team members engaging to help solve our toughest business problems.”

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Rob Web

VP of Revenue & Growth

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