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How do you guarantee accurate customer data across every touchpoint? Turn to Mammoth Growth.

Our step-by-step method will give you a clear view of your customer data across every touchpoint. Give yourself the best foundation for success with the right customer data platform architecture. 

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We’ve proven our process works based on successful engagements with hundreds of other companies, and we can deliver results for your team in the following areas:


MarTech Architecture


Unify Customer Data


Customer Journey Mapping


Data Governance & Taxonomy


Tools Onboarding & Enablement

“It’s incredibly exciting to receive new, standardized data that tells me an accurate story. Mammoth’s solutions allowed us to achieve ‘clean’ data that we can actually trust.”

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John Hutchison

Head of Digital Product

Why Prioritize a Customer Data Platform?

With the right implementation and onboarding, a CDP can become the single source of truth for all your customer data. A CDP can replace the need for dozens of different direct integrations among a company’s disparate tools. This makes it much easier to synchronize your data across multiple platforms, reducing the possibility of human error and data duplication.

CDPs are built to combine customer data from a wide range of touchpoints into rich user profiles. These user profiles can then be used for targeted lifecycle marketing, detailed product / behavioral analytics, or any other business function which relies on accurate customer data. For all these reasons, an effective CDP strategy is one of the drivers of high data trust.

Even small teams maintain hundreds of different software solutions, on average. The right CDP implementation can help your team manage customer data from all these different tools now and into the future. This includes everything on your roadmap today, plus obstacles you haven’t even thought of yet. But this is only possible if everyone on your team has a seat at the table.

There are three main reasons why cross-functional collaboration must define any CDP implementation. The following focal points describe every effective CDP strategy:
1. Commit to the CDP as your single source of truth
2. A holistic view of potential use cases
3. Identity resolution and vendor-specific concerns

Give yourself a head start by elevating these three points in any CDP implementation. But you also need to be aware of the following pitfalls

What Many Companies Get Wrong About CDP

Any CDP project has the potential to dramatically improve how you manage and leverage your customer data. However, it’s impossible to realize any of the benefits of a CDP if you cling to these myths:

Insisting your new CDP will be a magic wand that can solve everything

If you start with inaccurate or incomplete data, the CDP will only exacerbate these issues.
Approaching CDP implementation as a one-time event

Managing your CDP must be an ongoing commitment because your customer data platform will, ideally, connect all your other tools for years to come.
Letting everyone make whatever events they feel like

We generally recommend companies track no more than 100 events. Any more than that, and complications can increase exponentially. We can help you find that sweet spot where data shared cross-functionally follows specific naming conventions, while specific teams or groups have some leeway when naming events that only they will use. 
Make your engineers build out the CDP with no input from product or marketing

While implementing a CDP should be a cross-functional effort, the big irony is that engineers are often the best-suited to build it, even though marketing, product, and analytics teams will rely on it the most. Engineers need to agree on naming conventions and fixes for identity resolution with all other teams before implementation begins.

How To Stay On Track And Get The Best Results From Your CDP?

In order to address companies’ goals for their customer data, Mammoth Growth developed our Analytics Architecture program. The objectives of this 8-10 week project are a complete audit of a company’s tech stack & data infrastructure, and a roadmap for improvements to their CDP strategy. Mammoth Growth follows these steps within our Analytics Architecture project:

  • Review a company’s current use of customer data and all technology solutions across their tech stack
  • Clarify how they currently capture customer data, store / model / transform it, and send that newly structured customer data to downstream tools
  • Combine these findings with insights into how they use all the other tools in their tech stack
  • Understand how customer data flows through their systems to improve data integrity and identity resolution
  • Prioritize gaps in their CDP strategy that could deliver major results with improvements

“We were really good at implementing Segment events, but we weren’t giving any context around the events themselves,” explains Ezra Mechaber, Growth Lead.  “Mammoth helped us think through simplifying each event we were sending, while making sure it had all the context and depth we needed for later analysis.”

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Ezra Mechaber

Growth Lead

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