Hopin: How Mammoth Growth Helped an Event Tech Platform Capture Engagement and Create Better Products

The Client

Hopin is the all-in-one event management platform for virtual, hybrid, and in-person events. Event attendees can move in and out of virtual rooms, engage with video teleconferencing events and hosts, and more.

The Challenge

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Hopin was focused on scaling and developing new features to accommodate the needs of their rapidly-growing customer base, but had limited visibility into how users were actually engaging with their product – and also lacked the internal expertise needed to analyze which products were hitting the mark and which needed a bit more development.

The Solution

Mammoth Growth stepped into a collaborative auditing role, working with Hopin to prioritize KPIs and KPI priorities, auditing existing Segment and Amplitude implementations, and building dashboards and taxonomies to help the Hopin teams make sense of their data. Mammoth also helped onboard and train a newly-minted product analytics team to ensure Hopin would continue to maintain a solid data reporting and processing foundation.

The Results

Mammoth continues to collaborate with the Hopin team on improving the quality of data and adding the capability to do a broader range of analytics as the product continues to grow and change.

“The team at Mammoth Growth helped us kick start our Product Analytics roadmap by defining a strategy that fit the needs of our company. Their work has allowed our product teams to gain a deeper understanding of each of the different product areas and started us on our journey in becoming a truly data-driven product company.”

Bhavik Patel

Head of Product Analytics, Hopin

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