We deliver Growth with a Сapital G

We are experts in crafting growth strategies that separate signal from noise and deliver bottom line results for companies of all sizes; from Series A to full enterprise premier brands.

Manipulating data, implementing tools and leading change management are a large part of our daily deliverables, but at our core we’re squarely focused on moving the growth levers that produce measurable growth outcomes.



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Our Growth with a Сapital G philosophy centers around four key outcomes:

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More Revenue

Grow your bottom line.

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More Customers

Drive new users to value.

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More Often

More repeat customers.

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Lower Cost

Drive down costs.


At Mammoth Growth we are not just a team of systems integrators.  We are world-class business consultants who optimize systems to deliver measurable business outcomes. We operate under three core engagement styles:
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Digital Transformation

Are you transitioning between tools, or trying to evaluate your architecture as a prerequisite to a data engineering project? Let us analyze your entire data architecture to identify gaps and provide a roadmap for success across your organization specifically centered around generating growth.

We’ll help you answer questions like:

  • What should our Mar-Tech / Reporting-Tech
    stack look like?
  • Are the tools we have sufficient to meet
    our objectives?
  • What is the quality of our data and data
    governance standard?
  • Where is our data and how does it flow/sync
    between our tools and systems?
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Conversion Rate
Customer Data Platform

Growth Team as a Service (GTaaS)

Gain access to our world-class growth analytics experts who will help you design, implement and optimize an infrastructure geared for generating growth across your organization.  Each GTaaS team is hand-picked to offer you expertise directly related to your initiatives, such as CDP work, lifecycle marketing strategies, product analytics, attribution strategy or conversion rate optimization.

Every GTaaS team follows our proven 6 step process to quickly align your data assets against business goals while optimizing your toolstack to unlock growth potential.

Capture business requirements from all areas of your organization
Develop an event taxonomy and data requirements plan
Provide a comprehensive implementation guide for your team   to set-up the tool & integrate downstream destinations
Audit both event & tool integration for accuracy
Deploy to downstream destinations
Ongoing taxonomy development & data governance

Whether you’ve recently bought a new tool that you need implemented so that it works with existing tools, or your CDP isn’t optimized for downstream destinations, GTaaS can easily scale to meet your needs offering you the right skills for each project.

Data Team as a Service (DTaaS)

A turn-key team with every element of a high-end, enterprise grade analytics department, at a fractional cost.  You’ll have access to industry leading experts who have the ability to spin up your data project overnight, while eliminating risk, overhead, and the delays of trying to build out a full-time team.

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