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Master Data Strategy and Growth

Analytics Architecture

An Analytics Architecture Project is required when a company is in transition between one or many tools in their analytics infrastructure or as a prerequisite to a data engineering project. It is designed to answer questions like:

What should our Mar-Tech / Reporting-Tech stack look like?
Are the tools we have sufficient to meet our objectives?
What is the quality of our data and data governance standard?
Where is our data and how does it flow/sync between our tools and systems?

Each of these questions and more will be addressed through extensive research into each tool you have or are considering, defining how it fits in your ecosystem, what is the data it has or needs in order to create value.

Education, training and comparative analysis is a major component of this project track to ensure all team resources are empowered and able to make informed tooling decisions.

Customer Data Platform (CDP)

A Customer Data Platform (CDP) is a tool that allows you to pull normalized data from a variety of sources, and send it to a variety of destinations with identity resolution.   Implementing a CDP (or fixing the one you have) is a great way to standardize data collection and provide a pipeline for all your tools and drive good data governance.

We have completed hundreds of projects implementing CDPs like Segment, Rudderstack, Mparticle, SimonData and Amplitude.

Analytics Reporting

An Analytics Reporting Project helps you get the most out of your analytics tools (Amplitude, Attributionapp, Appsflyer, etc.) by providing a framework for data collection, reporting, analysis and insight.  We make sure the data available in these tools is audited and we will generate reports for you that answer pressing business questions.

Email Automation

Get the most out of your marketing automation tools (Iterable, Braze, Customer.io, Klaviyo, Marketo, Hubspot etc.) by providing a framework for data segmentation, and creating and optimizing campaigns and customer journeys that increase customer engagement and conversions.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Increase yield by optimizing individual parts of a sales funnel, whether it’s a landing page or a checkout.  Starting with benchmark data, we build a testing and optimization plan and work with your creative team to implement and run the tests in your preferred tool (Optimzely, VWO, AB Tasty, Kameloon etc.).

Analytics Engineering

Our Analytics Engineering Practice applies software engineering best practices like version control and continuous integration to the analytics code base. This provides clean data sets and modeled data that empowers end users to answer their own questions. Our agile process accomplishes in weeks what used to take months and allows your data insights to keep up with the speed of your business.

Data Warehouse Buildouts
Dbt Modeling
Dashboards and BI

Mammoth Growth has designed a clear and declarative way to deconstruct large complex data models into a data lineage that allows for:

Rapid iteration
Easy maintenance
High extensibility

Additionally, we leverage a rich Code Review and PR process on GitHub + dbt to ensure high quality and well documented code and we will teach your team how to integrate into more about this process as we go.

Our philosophy for modeling data is based on the principle of pushing business logic and complex data sets down into the data warehouse level to prevent data silos, hidden business logic, addresses performance issues & makes the data sets highly reusable across the business.

Data Engineering

We are experts at piping data from non-standard data sources and API endpoints into the data warehouse so that we can apply our Analytics Engineering principles.

Data ETL into warehouse (Stitch, Fivetran etc.)
Reverse ETL from warehouse to tools (Hitouch, Census etc.)
Custom Integrations from non standard sources
Data Backfills

Affiliate Management

Affiliates provide a source of traffic based on a referral fee structure. Whether your an ecommerce site or a SaaS business, you probably need an affiliate program if you don’t have one. If you have one already, you know that optimizing the channel requires deep insight, optimal program design and relationships with prime affiliates. Our team will leverage our data insights and best practice to help you build out and manage a successful affiliate program.