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As a part of the Mammoth Growth team, your success is our success. We provide you with the tools to learn, develop, and get the most out of yourself by giving you the freedom to create your own experience. We don't have managers, just mentors. Life at Mammoth is truly what you make it.

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Traditional consultancies offer human-oriented solutions, helping with company structure models, reorganization efforts, and human capital allocation. On the other hand, technology advisors typically aid with applied science solutions but leave the business out to dry once their job is done. At Mammoth Growth, we pride ourselves on combining the expertise of a technology firm with the business acumen of a management consulting firm. Scroll down to learn more and view our open positions.

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You deserve balance

We're looking for fiercely independent people with a passion for their craft, who thrive in a remote working environment. While we have an office in the San Francisco Bay Area, our team is largely scattered from coast to coast with their heads down for several hours a day.

Once you dig into our approach, you’ll see how we align economic interests with skill development. We support our people in bolstering their skill sets while strengthening areas of weakness. We want our people to be empowered to grow at a pace that is as fast as their desire for success.

“Hierarchy” isn’t part of our vocabulary – and yes, we do mean that. Here, we’re about rapid skill and career advancement; you will self-manage with a coach and mentor, and there’s time baked into every day to learn and master new skills.

And when our work is done for the day, we don’t expect you to stay glued to your desk. After hours, we're grabbing a bite at our favorite café in Rome, coaching Little League or secretly rewatching the last season of Game of Thrones for the third time – and we expect you to do whatever it is that fuels you as well. That’s why we work smarter, not harder: so we can get back to enjoying our personal lives… wherever that might take us.


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