Case Study: Sports Insights


Sports Insights, a SaaS subscription company, specializes in delivering high value real-time data and analysis for the sports betting market. When we met Sports Insights they were operating without a clear understand of how effective their marketing sites and programs were in driving growth.

Big Challenge

Unify all user and viewer data across multiple sites and applications into a central platform to analyze the complete customer journey.


We defined each business question and goal including the metrics needed to measure business performance. Based on these needs, we designed a complete analytics stack using Segment, Kissmetrics, Attribution App and Google Analytics. From there we defined and helped implement the comprehensive analytics schema that would provide the data needed to drive KPIs across the company.

Key Results

  • Leadership team can now study attribution, conversion, churn and LTV
  • Introduced cohort analysis to better understand subscriber behaviors
  • Imported historic data to produce year over year analysis of all key metrics
  • Developed a comprehensive monthly growth and performance report to support internal strategic planning cycles
  • Client Testimonial

    "I'm confident we never would have achieved the comprehensive data infrastructure and reporting environment we have now without Mammoth Growth."

    - Dave Ferrick, Sports Insights Vice President of Marketing

    San Francisco - Boston - Portland

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