Case Study: Pillow Homes


Pillow Homes, a SaaS subscription company, delivers homeowners a transformational experience through removing the stress and complexity of short term renting. When we met Pillow, they were aggressively looking to market their business through launching a series of highly targeted email and landing page programs to grow a new core product offering.

Big Challenge

Resolve technical and process blockers to utilize existing tools like Mixpanel and Marketo to drive growth through all-new targeted launch programs and centralize the data for analysis and optimization.


Working in a cross functionally with the marketing, data warehouse, product, engineering and leadership teams we designed an analytics data schema to integrate Marketo, Salesforce and Mixpanel data. We then designed a content based marketing engagement program using these tools to bring sales teams highly qualified sales leads.

Key Results

  • All tools audited, validated and set-up to support data driven optimization
  • Delivered new product marketing & engagement program to drive growth
  • Defined data schema of track events to maximize user engagement analysis
  • Analyzed and optimized conversion funnel for new product launch
  • Trained internal teams on Identify & Track model for continuous improvement
  • Client Testimonial

    "The team provided us the expertise, guidance and organization we needed to accurately track metrics within our new marketing tools and be prepared to drive growth at Pillow."

    - Sean Conway, Pillow CEO

    San Francisco - Boston - Portland

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