Case Study: Kate Somerville


Kate Somerville, an ecommerce company, is a skincare company that produces a line of high-end products that are sold directly on their website as well as through 3rd party retailers.

Big Challenge

Being built on Magento, their backend provided detailed sales and sku information in aggregate but, it did not provide a way to tie that information to the customer journey. They were blind to questions like: what sequence of products a customer bought, where did the customer came from originally, or how promotions were driving growth.


After selecting Kissmetrics for analytics, we worked with them to build a custom Magento plugin to handle all future data. We then pulled all the historical product and sales data by customer from Magento and imported it into Kissmetrics. Overnight, Kissmetrics became the new single source of truth.

Key Results

  • Provided retrospective analysis on best and worst performing promotions for driving repeat/return business
  • Analyzed product pinch points in the purchase checkout funnel
  • Provide insight on the best (and worst) performing campaigns to optimize and redirect current spend
  • Conducted analysis for individual product performance across category and by customer to understand user buying behavior
  • San Francisco - Boston - Portland

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