Case Study: Flow


Flow, an SaaS subscription service, provides a single place for teams to chat, discuss tasks and plan projects. When we met Flow, they were on the verge of re-launching their product with a host of new features. They have a stellar engineering and marketing team, but were struggling to answer some of their pressing business questions using their existing analytics tools.

Big Challenge

Flow needed to look at their data not only on an individual basis, but also aggregated as a team in a complex user and account relationship structure.


We honed the business questions that were most important for their product marketing and customer acquisition exercises. We then audited their analytics schema and defined a new updated schema filling all existing gaps in their reporting needs. By tracking the right events and properties we were able to conduct critical analysis the business had previously been unable to complete.

Key Results

After a successful site launched, Flow was poised and confident in their data collection. With high quality and high volume data flowing in we:

  • Clearly defined their CAC and segmentation model that properly tracked their team based analytics needs
  • Produced an attribution model to track and optimize programs
  • Designed reports to track each KPI defined in the discovery phase
  • Aggregated key metrics into a central dashboard
  • Provided analysis insight and optimization strategies to grow new trial sign-ups
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